Sky High

Monster can’t help but tink dat if Wonder Woman had been my high school principal, me could have accomplished so much more in life. Instead, here me is doing movie reviews to help support my cookie habit.  But me suppose it could be worse.  Monster could be reviewing Elektra again.  Instead, dis week, me watch Sky High, a film dat prove you CAN write a smart, funny, entertaining kids movie.  Take DAT Shark Boy and Lava Girl!  Hmmm.  Could be de peach schnapps talking but me really liked dis movie.

The Commander and Jetstream.  Coolest Parents Ever!

Will Stronghold just a regular kid.  And dats de problem.  He just a regular kid wit no superpowers – but his parents be The Commander and Jetstream, celebrity superheroes.  Will keep his super-impotence a sekret from his famous folks, but it not going to be a sekret for long becuz he now a freshman at Sky High – a sekret floating high school for children of supherheroes (and de occasional supervillain).

Science class be a blast!

On his first day at Sky High, we introduced to Will’s classmates – and deir powers.  One kid glows in de dark.  Another can turn into a hamster.  Two more, de school bullies, have super speed and stretching ability.  At first gym class, kids demonstrate deir powers for gym teacher (Hey!  It’s Bruce Campbell!) who divide dem into “heroes” and “sidekicks”, Sky High’s version of de classic high school dichotomy of cool kids and losers.

She can tie monster up with her magic lasso anytime!

Will declared a sidekick and have to take classes wit his fellow second-raters.  One class taught by The Commander’s former sidekick, All-American Boy (Hey!  It’s Dave Foley!).  Another by big-brain professor (Hey!  It’s Kevin McDonald!).  Like most high school kids, he discover dat even tho dey not be “de cool crowd”, his new friends a lot more fun to hang out.  Especially so his cute best friend who, for some reason, he not seem to notice be mighty cute, Leila.

Sassy Leila.

Also attending Sky High is broody rebel kid, Warren Peace, son of superhero mother and supervillain father.  Warren take instant dislike to Will becuz his father (The Commander) put Warren’s father in jail.

Flavor = broody.


Will finally come into his powers – super-strength.  And, suddenly, he go from sidekick to hero.  He catch de eye of sexy/bitchy in-girl, Gwen. Meanwhile, poor Leila left to sulk – and hit it off wit broody Warren.

Tings come to a head when Will’s parents go away and he tricked into hosting a house party – and showing his new gal, Gwen, his father’s sekret inner sanktum!

Now dat’s a pretty big whatever-de-heck-it-is.

Will finally come to his senses and dump Gwen.  He decide to skip prom and hang around his father’s inner sanktum – where he diskover disappearance of “de pacifier”, a mysterious sekret weapon dat once belonged to de nefarious supervillain Royal Pain!

Royal Pain

At prom night, The Commander and Jetstream show up to be presented wit speshul hero award – only to get ambushed by Gwen who turn out to be…Royal Pain (in a clever twist dat involve her getting turned into a baby, den getting adopted and raised by her own henchman)!  She use de pacifier on dem, turning dem into babies.  Den, wit de help of some accomplices, she start zapping everyone in sight, turning DEM into babies too!

Will show up and, wit help of a bunch of sidekicks, have to prove himself hero-worthy by saving de day.

Prom Night: Last Stand

Movie full of great in-jokes, one-liners, charakter moments, and does terrific job of satirizing high school life and family dynamics.  And bonus marks for casting of Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman, as Principal Powers, who still lookin’ fiiiiiiiiine.

Verdikt: Great movie for kidz, comic book fans, and jaded monsters.

Rating: 7.5 chocolate chippee cookies.