Monthly Archive: July, 2013

Despicable Me

It happen to monster all de time.  Me have fond memories of a movie or t.v. show, someting from way back in de day when monster have more fur on top and much… Continue reading

The Fifth Element

If watching Abar: The First Black Superman like being on two week vodka bender, den watching The Fifth Element definitely involve some heavy drugs.  You need dem in order to fully appreciate dis… Continue reading

Abar: The First Black Superman

Monster am drunk reviewing dis movie.  Why not?  After all, me felt positively sloshed watching it.  It full of weird cuts, funky music, bizarre performances, interminable montage sekwences of people driving around, and… Continue reading

The Amazing Spiderman

Hey, you know what movie NOT needed a remake?  Spiderman.  De original had fun, humor, a great origin story, and a colorful, nuanced villain in Norman Osbore/Green Goblin.  Dis new, improved (?) version… Continue reading