After terruble Superman films, Condorman a nice change of pace.  Not so much terruble as trooly horruble.  It be movie made for kidz – at a time when kidz not know any better… Continue reading

Superman II

Superman II is great movie for kidz!  Rotten, notty kidz who you want to punish but not allowed to spank, so dis torturus movie next best ting.  Superman II also perfekt for kidz… Continue reading

Hero At Large

Kwestion #1: When is superhero movie NOT superhero movie? Answer #1: When hero in movie NOT have any superpowers. Kwestion #2: So why monster watching dis movie? Answer #2: Becuz somebody (ie Joe)… Continue reading

Superman: The Movie (1978)

When time for Monster to sit down and watch Superman movie, he select Speshul Edition because, letz face it, me very speshul.  But monster not realize dat “speshul edition” over two and a… Continue reading

Batman (1966)

Many not know dis but Monster on short list to replace Simon Cowl on Amerikan Idol.  Deal almost closed (with jenerous chocolate chippee dressing room rider) when show hire Cookie’s bitter enemy =… Continue reading

Superman and the Mole Men

Cookie Monster come down with flu – or maybe bug picked up from Grover jacuzzi party – and not feeling one hunerd persent so sorry if dis review make less sense den movie.… Continue reading

There Will Be Blood

Dere Will Be Blood. Eventually. But it take a while. A loooong while. Almost two and half hours! Even still, dis very good movie dat keep Cookie Monster interested true-out. Is very sloooow… Continue reading

Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane be good, old-fashioned fun popcorn movie. Minus fun. And not very good. Or old-fashioned. Also, no popcorn. Still, for movie dat make hardly any sense, it move along at… Continue reading