MM - posterIf you loved The Incredibles, den you won’t mind Megamind!  It like a diet version of de former – great-looking and still enjoyable, but wit half de charm, humor, and clever plotting.  It won’t fill you up wit needless terrifik memories.

Space Baby and Alien Goldfish

Movie get off to fantastik start wit opening sekwence/parody of Superman movie.  Little alien baby packed away in space pod wit his alien goldfish companion and fired off into space.  Unfortunately for him, he not only space baby fleeing a doomed world dat day.   Other space baby beat him to Earth and end up adopted by wealthy loving family.  Our space baby end up raised by loving prison convikts.  Talk about tuff love!

Growing up, our boy misunderstood at school – and showed up by space-born rival.  Me feel very sorry for him and scenes make Monster want to go out and hug a bad guy.  Which me did, hugging skeevy looking gangsta who always selling crystal meth on corner of 4th and Sesame.  Two hours later, after me discharged from hospital minus wallet and four teeth, Monster feeling less sympathetic and huggy, but certainly more worldly.

Anyway, eventually, both grow up and choose career paths.    Rival decides to become superhero and calls hisself…Metro Man!

Super douche

Our kid decide to become a supervillain and call hisself…Megamind!

He have many great battles wit Metro Man – but always get his ass kicked.  Until de day he succeed!  He aktually kill his hated rival, Metro Man!

De End!

No, wait!  For some reazon dat never fully explained, Megamind miss Metro Man.  Yes, me suppose it becuz a supervillain not really have purpose witout a superhero to battle.  It be like a yang missing his ying (Monster reminded of Grover’s uncle who lost HIS ying in machine shop accident, but dat a story for another time).  It make sense on a philosophical level but it never expressed in any grounded way.  As a result, it feel like a big cheat.  In many ways, it indikative of movie’s biggest fault – an  unwillingness on part of writer to fully exploit movie’s potenshul.  Megamind only half as funny as it should be; only half as smart as it could be.

Dis relationship give new meaning to de term “blue balls”.

Using holographic disguise generator (BTW, it on Monster’s Christmas list) Megamind woo pretty reporter.  But he still (presumably) missing a challenge so he create a superhero by injekting regular shlub wit super DNA.


But supershlub turn out to be major supervillain.  And so, Megamind have to become superhero!

Final battle offers great visuals and even a cool twist or two dat Monster not reveal for fear of giving away spoilers dat Metro Man still alive and dat Megamind use his dehydrating gun to save hisself.

Bad guy becomes a good guy and gets de girl and everyone learn valuable lesson.  Megamind learn it never too late to change.  Reporter learn it always good to keep an open mind.  And Cookie Monster learn me missed a similar movie called Despicable Me dat me will have to watch somewhere down de line.

Verdikt: Better den most but not super.

Rating: 7 chocolate chippee cookies.