Hancock posterMonster not professional writer so not in position to offer advice to whoever wrote dis movie, but me can’t help but feel it obviously a bad idea to change direktion and tone of a skript one hour into its 90 minute running time.  Which be de case wit Hancock.


Will Smith channeling Grover for dis performance.

We introduced to our anti-hero, Hancock.  Drunk, dirty, belligerent, and dangerously clumsy, he reminiscent of Grover when he dated Paris Hilton back in summer of 2007.  Hancock try to do good – stopping crime, saving bystanders – but just can’t seem to get it right.  As a result, public consider him a super-nuisance.  Like viral meme spam, alien scabies, and Donald Trump.


Monster recommend car reps for building strong shoulders.

BUT tings change for Hancock when he save Ray, a PR guy, from getting wiped out by train.  Ray decide Hancock need an image makeover and convince him to start taking responsibility for his aktions.  Hancock make public apology, spend some time in prison and, eventually, redeem himself by stopping crazy bank heist and saving cops and hostages.  He even get new leather outfit for aktion purposes (also reminiscent of Grover in summer of 2007).


New and improved Hancock

It all make for fun viewing.  At which point, for some reason, scripwriters decide dey be tired of dis story and want to make whole other movie.  Cue bizarre late twist dat reveal Ray’s wife, Mary, be a superhero too!


Superlover quarrel.

Hancock and Mary fight.  Why?  Uh…becuz dey have bad tempers? Anyway, it all look very cool as dey tear up city and just happen to land outside hubby Ray’s office building so he can (conveniently) find out de truth about his wife.  She and Hancock former lovers but Hancock not remember becuz he have amnesia.  But dey separated becuz if dey stay together, dey lose deir superpowers.  Which beg de qwestion: If dat de case, why Mary living in de same city?  Why not live on other side of world just to be safe?  Monster hear Japan very nice.

Becuz Hancock hanging around Mary, he no longer invulnerable and get shot.  He rushed to hospital.  Despite fakt dat being together make dem weaker, Mary rush to hospital to see him – at which point vengeful bad guys show up and shoot de place up, hitting her.  Hancock fight bad guys while Mary slowly dying – along wit comedic vestiges of first part of movie.  Hancock beat bad guys and flee hospital – which allow Mary to regain her strength, survive, and get her powers back.

Happy ending for everyone!  Except monster and movie-viewing publik.:(

Verdikt: (First hour = 8 chocolate chippee cookies) + (Last 30 minutes = 4 chocolate chippee cookies) divided by 2 + (2 for great performances by all leads) – (1 for annoying kid charakter) =

Rating: 7 chocolate chippee cookies.