My Super Ex-Girlfriend!


Dis movie reminiscent of monster’s ex-girlfriend, Mona Hildeberger. One time, she get so mad after me use dishwasher to dry socks dat she spike monster’s L’Oreal shampoo wit Nair hair remover.  For two months while wait for fur to grow back, me kept getting mistaken for member of Blue Man Group.  Very unpleasant memories.

Fortunately, dis movie not so unpleasant at all.  It never fully realize its potenshul, but it still solid wit nice fun bits.  Just like Mona Hildeberger.


Beware of hot nerds!

Matt just be a regular, shy office guy who looking for a woman to love. He tink he find her in Jenny Johnson, a seksy nerd he meet on de subway.  She seems very sweet – but awkward and distrakted.  And, it turn out, for good reason.  Becuz nerdy Jenny Johnson really a seksy superhero called G-Girl!


Beware of seksy superheroes!

She take him flying.  She break his bed trying to bang him.  Life be pretty good for Matt.

Mile High Club

Perks of dating a superhero = no traffik!

UNTIL tings start to get weird.  Problem #1: he kidnapped and roughed up by G-Girl’s arch-nemesis, Professor Bedlam, played by de always awesome Eddie Izzard.  Apparently, he old high school friend of Jenny’s and still sekretly in love wit her (and VERY jealous of Matt). But dis pale in comparison to problem #2: Jenny be a crazy woman!  She super alright.  Super jealous and super unstable!

Crazy ex

Nuts!  Insane!  Bonzo!  No longer in possession of one’s fakulties!  Tree fries short of a Happy Meal!  Waaaackooo!

Matt’s super ex-girlfriend make his life a living hell.  She tear up his apartment.  Tosses his car into orbit.  And, in one partikularly inspired scene, she trow a shark at him after he hook up wit girl from his office!


“Just kidding about de whole break-up tiing…”

Matt be super-screwed.  But salvation come from a most unlikely source = Professor Bedlam who, now in possession of super power-leeching meteor, need Matt’s help to set up G-Girl.  And poor, harassed Matt only to happy to oblige.


Super super-villain!

Matt profess his love for Jenny/G-Girl and convince her to join her at his place.  Everyting going according to plan until – girl from his office show up.  All sorts of awkward!  G-Girl about to beat crap out of Matt when – Dwight from De Office show up and open gift box containing meteor.  G-Girl lose her powers.  At which point Professor Bedlam show up!  Chaos!  Meteor blows and return superpowers to G-Girl!  But office girl get super powers too!  Super catfight ensue!

Who win?  G-Girl?  Office Girl?  Neither.  Love conquer all!  Professor Bedlam profess his love for G-Girl!  And Matt get himself a new super girlfriend in Office Girl!

Verdikt: It great to see a woman in dominant role.  Monster like dis. Grover like dis too but in completely different scenario me not comfortable talking about here.

Rating: 7 chocolate chippee cookies.