The Incredibles

Me know, me know.  You expecting monster to say dis movie be SUPER.  Or mebbe INCREDIBLE!  But me not so obvious.  No, monster more unprediktable den Lindsay Lohan at one of Oscar de Grouch’s Hobo Hoedowns.  What me WILL say is dat monster pleasantly surprized by how much me enjoy dis movie considering it be written by Big Bird’s cuzin, Brad.  After all, creative writing not exaktly run in de family, someting you would know if you happened to read Big Bird’s poetry collection, Remembrance of Things Passed (in which he reflekt in rhyme on stuff he ate de previous day).

Movie begin wit our hero, Mr. Incredible, as he try to fight crime while trying to shake pesky sidekick who want to hang wit him.  Remind monster of Elmo dat time we go on fake bachelor party for Grover who pretend his bride run off wit best man so he can get sympathy lap dances.  Remember dat night?  We had to check Elmo at door of strip club and, later, when go to pick him up, turn out someone already claim him and we left wit some guy’s fluffy crimson foulard instead?  Good times, good times.

Anyway, Mr. Incredible lose de sidekick – but also lose his job becuz he cause too much collateral damage.  And so, he enter superhero relocation program…

Years later, we find Mr. Incredible and he now settled down, married Elastagirl and have tree kids: Dash, Violet, and Jak-Jak.  He spend days at insurance company, working for crabby boss.  BUT at night, he get together wit best friend, Frozone, and fight crime – even tho he not supposed.  (Shhhh.  Pleaze don’t tell.).

The Incredibles be a great family film dat offer terrific life lesson for kids like importance of family values, honesty is best policy, and sometime it okay to be de shit out of your boss if he be a complete asshole.  Which Mr. Incredible do – and get fired.  😦

He so ashamed he not tell wife.  Instead, he take job fighting robot on remote island.  However, it turn out remote island robot fighting job be not quite what it appear (Always de case.  Monster learn dis de hard way last summer).  Mr. Incredible captured on island by inventor of robot, supervillain Syndrome who turn out to be…annoying sidekick from earlier in movie!  Dis be another important lesson: Always be nice to weaker people becuz, someday, dey could be supervillains…or in charge of cleaning out your bed pans after horrific clown car crash.

Fortunately, Elastagirl not very trusting of husband and track down his whereabouts.  Wit help of Dash and Violet, she crash island.  Fantastic action sekwences ensue!

Turn out Syndrome have master plan to unleash super robot on city, den sweep in and save de dey.  But he only half successful.  Unleashing go okay but sweeping in and saving part need a lot of work.

Luckily, Mr. Incredible and family, wit help of Frozone, chip in and save de day, destroy robot, defeat Syndrome, and save baby Jak-Jak.

Lots to like about dis movie.  It fast paced, fun, very funny, and clever. It poke fun at superheroes by celebrating de genre instead of belittling it.  Aktion sekwences are eye-popping and very entertaining.  And, most importantly at end of day, dis movie have a lot of heart.

And esophagus, liver, and even some spleen.

Verdikt: Dis movie be fantabulous!

Rating: 9.5 chocolate chippee cookies!