There Will Be Blood

Dere Will Be Blood. Eventually. But it take a while. A loooong while. Almost two and half hours! Even still, dis very good movie dat keep Cookie Monster interested true-out. Is very sloooow moving but hypnotik story of turn-of-century prospektor played by Daniel-Day Lewis (Ganges of New York, Last of Mojito’s, My Two Left Feet). He go from dirt poor to dirt rich when score big oil strike – and also get bonus baby after piece of equipment clang off partner/baby-daddy noggin. Movie show how he get more powerful, buy up land, try to build pipeline, slap around preacher, get slap around by preacher, almost get conned, and score big deal. But at heart of story is relationship between progatonist and boy he raise as own dat go from beeootiful partnership to not-so-beeootiful so-long-see-you-later long distance relationship when kid go deff and try to crispy fry bedroom. Daniel-Day Lewis give incredible performance likes of which not seen since Fozzie Bear play part of Willie Lowman in off off off-Broadway kabuki performance of Death of Salesman. Veeery gruesome death of salesman. Not sure if same in original play but sure hope so because ritual seppuku very hard to top for entertainment value. Anyway, Lewis give very believable and restrain performance up until last scene when, during milkshake solililquee, he go off like Grover dat time he get short-changed by hooker wit wooden leg.

Overall, very good movie if you willing to immerse self in story. Progatonist self-destruct life and relationship wit adopted son very sad – but end of movie even sadder because just stop all of sudden as if producer say “Ah, dats enough. Let’s go home.”. Leave Cookie Monster sitting dere wondering What de Fudgee-O?